Friends of Wetlands (FOWL) is a local group that addresses local, as well as state and federal issues. All of our funding comes from the generosity of our members. We are a completely volunteer organization. Your membership in and support of FOWL really makes all the difference.

Friends of Wetlands

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Amherst, Ohio


FOWL is currently on hold, suspended, taking a break.

Taking its place is the new non-profit

Ohio Wetlands Association

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Friends of Wetlands

In the United States, we have lost 50% of our wetlands. In the Great Lakes Basin we have lost 67% of our wetlands. In Ohio, we have lost more than 90% of our wetlands. Since 1991 FOWL has advocated for wetland protection and restoration in Ohio and across the country.

Report Suspicious Activities!

As much as 50% of vernal pool and other wetland destruction may be the result of unpermitted, illegal activity. Thus, if you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood don't hesitate to call the EPA field officer.
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